Sterile Processing Services

Chamber cleaning and maintenance

Routine maintenance and cleaning is recommended by all autoclave manufacturers as well as AAMI and AORN. Northfield’s sterilizer chamber cleaning program enables hospitals to meet these recommendations and establish a center of healthcare excellence.


  • Convenient and economical solution
  • Utilizes a safe and proven non-invasive cleaning process
  • Safely removes deposits and build-up from chamber walls
  • Flexibility to schedule cleaning around your schedule

Cleaning benefits

  • Meets recommended practice of AAMI and AORN
  • Improves efficiency of sterilizers heating and cooling operation
  • Removes baked-on oxidation and residue
  • Does not interrupt departments' operations
  • Improves future maintenance
  • Preserves integrity of autoclave's metal surfaces
  • Assists with prolonging the life of the sterilizer
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Ensures that you’re are ready for The Joint Commission

Before & After: A sterilization chamber without baked-on oxidation and residue can clean efficiently.

Northfield Medical can clean sterilization chambers to run more efficiently.


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