Instrument Management

The Northfield Instrument Management team is a group of professionals that help your Central Sterile Processing and Operating Room departments achieve optimal performance and efficiency.  Our consultants and temporary employees address a wide array of challenges such as regulatory preparedness, infection control, operational efficiency and capital acquisition programs.  Our team accomplishes this through:

  • Assessments and Process Consulting
  • Staff Development and Education 
  • Deploying Essential, Temporary Resources

We ensure you have a self-sufficient Central Service program that meets or exceeds best-in-class industry standards and supports initiatives to reduce surgical site infections, increase surgeon satisfaction and help improve patient outcomes.

Dedicated to

We are dedicated to service with over 250 field-based sales and service representatives that offer immediate responsiveness, flexibility, and convenience.



Committed to

Our commitment to quality is represented by our focus on technology, objectivity and consistent processes that provide our customers with quality repairs meeting the same form, fit, and functional performance            as new.


Focused on

Save time and money with data-driven repair programs that save money and drive efficiency.

"Northfield has saved us a good 40% in OEM repairs over the past year compared to the previous year. They have been instrumental in training staff in our Surgery, G.I. and Pulmonary Suites in the proper handling, storage, and cleaning of flexible scopes. Last year our normal repair was due to massive fluid intrusion of a scope. Over the last 6 months, with the assistance of Northfield, we have all but eliminated this cause of repair."

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