Data Driven Repair & Education Program

Clinical Education & Process Improvement

Northfield Medical offers comprehensive education, training, and development opportunities related to the care, handling, storage, maintenance, and repair requirements for surgical instruments and endoscopic equipment. This education ultimately leads to improved patient safety, which is Northfield's number one priority. Northfield's educational offerings and professional certification programs play an integral role in gaining the proper knowledge to ensure the highest level of patient and physician satisfaction. 

We can provide you with tools and resources to continue improving and increase efficiency and maintaining high standards within your department. 

CSPD Certification Prep Courses

Additional education opportunities include:

  • Textbook reading assignments
  • Lesson videos
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Progress tests
  • Final exam prep test

Sales Account Managers deliver:

  • Quarterly process audits,
  • Detailed monthly data/trend reviews, and
  • Recommendations for proactive intervention to address educational shortfall or internal hospital communication gaps.

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