COVID‐19 Update from Northfield Medical




At Northfield Medical, we recognize that our role in servicing and repairing hospital equipment is essential to healthcare providers and we would like to update you on our strategy and operations in response to COVID‐19 (Coronavirus). Click Here to Learn More







Northfield has been awarded the prestigious Captis 2.0 Supplier of the Year award for 2019!

We are completely focused on helping our customers extend the life of their endoscopes, surgical instruments and other operating room equipment.

Northfield Medical is a company built to meet your needs.

  • Over 250 field-based sales and service representatives
  • 8 national repair centers
  • Over 130 local labs and mobile repair vans
  • Serving over 3,000 hospitals across the country
  • **Strict ISO 13485 quality standards
  • Offering over 20 accredited education programs

We unite with healthcare providers to ensure the safety and longevity of medical equipment in order to help our customers achieve positive patient outcomes and increased financial savings.

Hospitals that migrate to a service agreement with Northfield Medical typically save 20% or more on their annual repair and maintenance budget.

We provide over 20 accredited educational programs for your central sterile and operating room staff.

Northfield Medical maximizes medical device performance for operating rooms across the country.

Medical Device Service and Repair

With our recent mergers, Northfield Medical is now one of the largest service and repair companies of medical equipment in the U.S. We specialize in the repair of endoscopes, surgical instruments and other operating room equipment while offering consultative support and education to help you increase financial savings and improve patient outcomes. 

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**Northfield Medical is ISO 13485:2016 certified in the following locations: Novi, MI; Apple Valley, CA, Knoxville, TN; Greensboro, NC and Aberdeen, MD


Announcement: Northfield Medical has teamed up with Project C.U.R.E to provide surgical instruments in developing countries.

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Dedicated to

We are dedicated to service with over 250 field-based sales and service representatives that offer immediate responsiveness, flexibility, and convenience.

Committed to

Our commitment to quality is represented by our focus on technology, objectivity and consistent processes that provide our customers with quality repairs meeting the same form, fit, and functional performance           as new.


Focused on

Save time and money with data-driven repair programs that save money and drive efficiency.

"Northfield has saved us a good 40% in OEM repairs over the past year compared to the previous year. They have been instrumental in training staff in our Surgery, G.I. and Pulmonary Suites in the proper handling, storage, and cleaning of flexible scopes. Last year our normal repair was due to massive fluid intrusion of a scope. Over the last 6 months, with the assistance of Northfield, we have all but eliminated this cause of repair."

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